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Filmform News - news from the distribution archive
- Cinemateket, Stockholm 14th September at 4.30 pm 2008

Gunilla Josephson – Hello Ingmar, 2001, 7 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour
Hello Ingmar presents itself as autobiography, as documentary, as true/not true, but in its deliberate confusions of fiction and fact, calling into question our definitions of both those properties by distorting the narrative, the film becomes a ‘meta-biography’. Humorous, outrageous, factual, or a complete lie, the film is a perceptual recounting of experience, in which history is the result not of facts, but of perceptions. In Hello Ingmar JOSEPHSON FLEES THROUGH THE ANGST-RIDDEN, BOURGEOIS-HUMANIST AND THEATRICAL WORLD OF INGMAR’S IMAGERY, A WORLD WHERE COCK, CUNT AND HELL ARE ARRANGED IN MONO-SYLLABIC AND INSISTENT EQUIVALENCE.

Gunilla Josephson is an artist working exclusively in the video medium, with a BA in Social Sciences from Stockholm University and an MFA (1986) from The College of Art and Design (Konstfackskolan) in Stockholm. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada and in Montmartin Sur Mer, France and exhibits extensively in Canada and in Europe.

Hanna Ljung – Vedergällning
, 2007, 4:32 min, 16:9, DV, Stereo, Colour
Retaliation is a filmed performance based on a scene from the film The Virgin Spring by Ingmar Bergman. The piece is a revolt and a homage. Retaliation takes a fictional action and studies it to find new meaning. The video is a play with strength and weakness where the woman takes on a traditionally male role in trying her raw strength and getting rid of her frustration by hitting and breaking something.

Hanna Ljungh, born 1974 in Washington D.C, lives and works in Stockholm. Graduated from the Master's program in Fine Art at Konstfack Stockholm 2003. Currently doing a Project Year in Video Video at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Sara Jordenö – Videoactive
, 2001, 3:10 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour
“The Persona Project” consists of an archive of narratives surrounding Ingmar Bergman's film Persona. The archive documents a wide range of acts of censorship, which in turn produces new authorships. “The Persona Project, No 6: Videoactive” portrays a membership video store located in Los Angeles called Videoactive. The store has a unique categorisation system, where the customers and employees place the films. It is revealed that the copy of Persona is in flux, moving between different shelves and interpretations.

Sara Jordeno is a Swedish artist and writer working in Sweden and New York. Her projects takes the form of investigations, which over time can produce several works, such as a film, installation, text, artist book, or a discussion. Each of her projects dissects that which makes up a narrative (words, images, sound) and uses narrative surplus (translation mistakes, information trash, myths, and constructed facts) to extract and accentuate other possible meanings and themes surrounding the “main” story.

Liv Strand – Pipeline
, 2007, 5:35 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour
Pipeline, a video piece that brings the viewer on an uncharted journey through a pneumatic pipeline system. This pneumatic pipeline system runs by more than ten kilometres through the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. My basic interest was to be able to see the unseen, the speed and way of the transports in such an ancient technical system. To view the idea of moving. A capsule was modified to transport the video camera in order to capture the movement and sound of the capsule, as it navigates through the system. The sound recorded in the video is the sound of movement, sonically inhaling and exhaling in a sequence of frozen pauses and explosive movements. Pipeline is a field recording by a video camera that hover through a closed infrastructure.

Liv Strand’s art practice has its starting point in space, particularly in that we share a living space. She wants to show possibilities to claim space, not avoiding the friction that follows when different components have to adjust to one another. Different forms and shapes are a specific sign of something well known and she shows how it's possible to drift in order to change the meaning. Strand examines the public space by introducing private questions and actions. The sensation of feeling one’s body occupying space, bumping into the surroundings, is of importance.

Astrid Göransson - ...nästan som en i familjen.
2007, 9:51 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour
In 1933 Anna-Helèn Johansson wrote 30 letters to her sister Clary. She, a young farmer's daughter, had got the chance to live in a city household in Stockholm. There is a flow of descriptions in these letters and above all – a flow of feelings. Anna-Helèn was supposed to be like a member of the fine opera-family Stiebel. She became a maid. She got pissed! In my animation, based on Anna-Helèn’s letters, I want to give associations to women's lives today, my own and others. Anna-Helèn, my mother, died in 1997. The music is collaboration with composer Carin Blom.Born 1956 in Maglaby Kvidinge, Sweden. Lives and works in Maglaby in the northern province of Skåne, Sweden.

Astrid Göransson studied sculpture at Royal College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm 1977–78 and 1980-81. She attended the art school Forum in Malmö 1981-85 and again 1987-88. Finally she attended Valand Royal College of Art, 1999 to 2000, the Department of Free Art and New Media.

Richard Dinter och Magdalena Dziurlikowska
- Det finns inga gränser för vad jag kan göra
2007, 9:20 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour, Swedish with English subtitles
Richard portrays a petty chief walking around his home speaking about all the things he’s stolen. He hasn’t bought anything: not the fruit in the bowl, not the tooth brush… and by the way, not even the apartment is his. The story evolves into the story of his life; starting with small thefts with his father and ending at the fact that he now is a father himself and has to stop with this bad habit.
Most people have shoplifted and everyone pilfers from their workplace, but still people claim that they don’t steal.

Magdalena Dziurlikowska, born 1975 in Warszawa. Lives and works in Stockholm. My art deals with obsession, the urge to systemize and the pursuit of a personality. I get inspiration from everyday events and carry them to their extremes. I use video, photography, text and installations to express what it means to create your self-image in today’s society. Habitual and ordinary things result in paradoxes, humour and unreality.

Richard Dinter, born 1964. Lives and works in Stockholm.
My art is often regarded as deeply personal and flavoured with a subtle sense of humour. I use myself as a creative tool in my productions since I strongly believe that being personal is being universal. Identity, obsession, and memory are some of the subjects I deal with in my art.

Katja Aglert - Momentary Seizures
, 2007, 5:54 min, 4:3, DV, Stereo, Colour,
Swedish with English subtitles
In Momentary Seizures the much discussed summer plague in Sweden, the Spanish slug, (in popular speech: the Murder Slug), systematically gets exterminated by the use of beer traps. The connotations are horrible; war rhetoric, genocide and terror. But the worst is the realization that it’s impossible to assure that this evil isn’t in all of us, in every human, when we without hesitation practice biological cleaning in our gardens.

Katja Aglert is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. She works in different media such as video, sound, interventions and text. ”I often collect material for a project as a documentary process, and with the assembled material I strive to re-create and concentrate the essence, with the aim to interpret and decode it, and by that create a shift in ”reality” to make it more ambivalent, playful and dramaturgically interesting”. Her works have been selected for exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally. Katja Aglert attended Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden where she in 2003 graduated with a Master of Fine Arts.

Angela Durán Jofré - Cheree
, 2007, 3:40 min, DV, 4:3 letterbox, Stereo, Colour
This is a film about the overpowering sweetness of love. About the weakening effects of hunger and unreachable needs. This is a film about Cheree, my Black Little Lady.
A cover song from the group Suicide, with the same title, Cheree. From the album; First album, released 1977. Singer: Christoffer Paues. Music: Mikael Beckman Thoor och Leo Höll

Born 1978 in Santiago, Chile. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Graduates in June 2008 from the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

Katarina Löfström - Finale
, 2006, 6:18 min, DV, 4:3, Stereo, b/w
This film is based on the credits of Francis Ford Coppola’s feature film Apocalypse Now Redux. The sound is a remix of the original score, composed by the director.

Katarina Löfström, born in Sweden 1970, Katarina Löfström is a visual artist mainly focusing on video. After receiving a MFA degree at Royal College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 1997, she decided to further explore the world of the moving image.