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Filmforms special prize 2006 goes to... Mats Hjelm
Mats Hjelm has been awarded Filmform's special prize for his elaborate documentary video works, which deals with important issues with great thoughtfulness. Hjelm began working with pictorial art in the 90's and today he focuses mainly on video. Crucial to Hjelm's production is the trilogy "White Flight" (1997), "Man to Man" (2000) and "Kap Atlantis" (2002). In the trilogy Hjelm uses his own filmed material as well as his father's s, the documentary filmmaker Lars Hjelm, who filmed the racial riots in Detroit 1968. Decisive political events in history and condensed lyrical pictures combined with biographical images testify of power structures and simultaneously function as a confrontation and reconciliation with the often absent father. In a non-chronological, cyclical collage form, the different dimensions create a complex and unified structure. A few examples are:

"Deliverance" (2005), exhibited at The Museum of National Antiquities and Father's Day at the Shrine of the Black Madonna (2006), recently exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art and also included in Filmform s distribution project "Hit the North".
Filmform's special prize has been awarded to artists and filmmakers since 1995. The prize goes to a person who has distinguished his/her self in the field of art and video. Previous prize winners are: Antonie Frank, Gunvor Nelson, Olle Hedman, Magnus Wallin, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Petra Lindholm, Kjartan Slettemark and Cecilia Lundqvist.

Date/time: 11 December, 6 - 8 pm
(This years special price is presented at 7pm.)
Location: Filmform, Svarvargatan 2, Stockholm

Hit The North - No Longer The Same Place
Film and video programme: 63 min
Selection made by Anna Linder, producer, and Gunnel Pettersson, member of the Filmform board.

If you speak about borders, such as Europe, it invites reflections on that outside of the border, or moving on it. The selection presents films investigating actual and constructed borders. Journeys are made to geographical places, inner landscapes through worlds of emotions.

Khaled D. Ramadan dedicates his film to the people trapped in the identities of their countries of origin, Lina Selander shows a landscape filmed during two nocturnal journeys, where the extension in time is reduced and only a meditative surface remains. In Reported Missing, feelings of loss arise after what is left behind, while Andrea Lange intensifies the movement in time and space before the departure. Mai Hofstad Gunnes dismantles the symbols of the city and the nation, and constructs a fictitious prophecy. Jesper Fabricius uses sites under construction as a starting point, the Icelandic landscape and construction sites, and develops a poetry of images within cinematographical language. Spoon Jackson transgresses the borders of the prison walls with the help of poetry.

For more information: English (pdf)
För mer information: Svenska (pdf)
Date/time 11 October, 7 pm
Place: Cinemateket, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 5

Filmform Avant 2006 - Film and video by Swedish and British artists
AVANT 2006 presents film and video by Swedish and British artists. Focus is on screen art in general. This year's retrospective presents Claes Söderquist's poetic documentaries and early experimental work.

Invited speakers are: Lars Gustaf Andersson (Lund University), David Curtis (London University of the Arts), Gunnel Pettersson (University College of Arts Crafts and Design), Patrik Sjöberg (Karlstad University), Gary Svensson (Linköping University), Kari Yli-Annala (University of Art and Design, Finland), Astrid Söderbergh Widding (Stockholm University).

AVANT 2006 is also addressing this question: How to depict a national history of the experimental moving image?
The event is free of charge.

Full programme in: english/swedish (Word-file)
Date/time 31 Aug - 2 Sep
Place: Biograf/Cinema Arenan (Bibliotekshuset), Västra Torggatan 1, Karlstad
Ticket bookings in advance at:
Inquires: Marcus Thell +46 (0)54-700 11 96/

AVANT 2006 is a collaboration between Karlstad University, The Värmland Regional Film Centre, Filmform, and the City of Karlstad, with support from Region Värmland.


Filmform presents: Old and New Classics
20 April 2006, 7 pm, Filmform at Cinemateket (the Cinematheque)

What characterizes a classic? How many years must pass, before we can distinguish a classic? Who decides that it is a classic? All the films in the programme can be labelled classics, in different contexts. Diagonal Symphony, because it was one of the few avant-garde films made at the time and because it is the only film by Viking Eggeling that is preserved. It is something as rare as a piece of visual music. A Day in the City by Pontus Hultén and Hans Nordenström, with its pioneering, anarchistic humour has clearly passed the test of time. General Rehearsal for Suicide by Åke Karlung for its eccentricity and its allusions to the art scene of the time. Gunvor Grundel Nelson’s My Name is Oona is virtually unknown to the Swedish audience, but has received cult status in the US. Marit Lindberg’s Mikaela’s voice has been seen by children and adults alike, and raises important issues about vulnerability and belonging. We come full circle with the minimalist work 27 Kilometer Drawing, where Lina Selanders pays tribute to Viking Eggeling.

Diagonal Symphony by Viking Eggeling, 1924, 8'
(Newly restored version)
A Day in the City by Hans Nordenström, Pontus Hultén,
1955-56, 19'
General Rehearsal for Suicide by Åke Karlung, 1963, 3'
My Name is Oona by Gunvor Grundel Nelson 1969, 10'
Mikaela’s Voice by Marit Lindberg, 1997. 11'
På tunnelbanan by Miss Universum 2001, 4’15’'
27 Kilometer Drawing by Lina Selander 2002, 7'
Total length 62 minutes.
Subject to change.
Time: 20 April, 7 pm
Location: Cinemateket, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 5

RELEASE PARTY: Mårten Nilsson’s greatest hits

Filmform presents the experimental film makers who provokes, entertains and always disturbs. To celebrate the DVD-release there will be a party with guests such as Hiorthøy, Henrik Vikman, Kenneth Cosimo and others.

Time: 27 February, 8 pm
Location: The club SEKT at Alcazar, David Bagares Gata 15
More info:


H I T T H E N O R T H - N O R D I C F I L M A N D V I D E O A R T
26 January 2006, 7 pm at Cinemateket, Stockholm

This program is a selection from the project Hit The North. All films and videos will be presented during the spring 2006 at Filmform's homepage.

Julio & Lupita
by Aurora Reinhard, Finland, 2004, 4:35 min

This dancefilm isn´t what it seems to be... after a while it is really terrifying.

The Beauty of Powerful Argumentation
by Peter Land och Jeanette Land Schou, Denmark, 2005, 1:32 min

About violent reactions between two people trying to communicate.

Artist´s dilemma
by Roi Vaara, Finland, 1997, 4 min

Man facing a difficult choise. A performance for film.

by Liisa Lounila, Finland, 2003, 5:50 min

The third part of a trilogy (Popcorn / 2001, Flirt / 2002) using the time-slice technique. Time seems to have stopped in a club, people are frozen in the middle of their discussions and drinking.

Absolute Exotic
by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Denmark, 2005, 4 min

The artist is dancing and singing in this funny video. The text is provoking and critical about mens eyes and longings for exotism.

by Dodda Maggy, Iceland, 2004, 3:20 min

A girl takes off her pantyhose and shamefully covers a big bruise. She caresses and peeks at it and finally rubs it intensively in a sexual manner.

by Marius Mørch, Norway, 2001, 3:59 min

A video collage of manipulated classic horror-film footage. The film shows women fleeing from evil to the sound of Elvis Presley’s «Can’t help falling in love» in an experimental juxtaposition of beauty and terror.

You Are My Loving Insane
by Egill Saebjörnsson, Iceland, 2001, 3:30 min

A musicvideo based on a story made up from the recordcover. On the cover it was made a drawing with three items; A small hairy creature with two eyes, a white deer and a ghettoblaster. There was no meaning in putting those three items together. Never the less Egill used this image as a starting point for the video.

av HC Gilje, Norway, 2004, 5 min

Sunblind was intended as a track on a noise-video compilation dvd which was supposed to come out in the US, but never did. It is a collaboration with Montreal based musician Tim Hecker.

by Ane Lan, Norway, 2004, 4:01 min

A woman, dressed in traditional costume, is singing a song in which she expresses her qualms about joining the EU, hoping for a better future in solitude. Her duplicate, on the contrary, is more than willing to bargain away for a membership. But finally, after finding something disturbing at the bottom of her dowry chest, she realizes the true consequences of the membership.

At the Peak of Boredom
by Lotte Konow Lund, Norway, 2005, 2 min

In-At the Peak of Boredom the reference to painting is clear, both in lightning and in the woman’s resemblance to Edvard Munch´s Madonna- and of course, At the Peak of Boredom- the scream.

Optical Sound
by Mika Taanila, Finland, 2005, 6 min

Office technology becomes obsolete very quickly. Old tools transform into musical Instruments of the future. The film is based on the Symphony # 2 for Dot Matrix Printers, composed by [The User].

by Thomas Hilland, Norway, 2002, 3:36 min

Musicvideo for the group Röyksopp.

We make reservations for changes.
Time: 26 January, 7 pm
Place: Cinemateket, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 5
For more information: