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11 november 2005, at TEMPO Dokumentärfestival in Stockholm

Filmform proudly presents six films by six artists
Video and the moving image are vital components in contemporary art, in Sweden as well as internationally. Many artists employ documentary material and methods, either as a way to investigate memory and the concept of truth, or to create unsettling interpretations of reality. Often, they expose themselves or friends in the process.

Is it important to separate between visual artists and professional film makers? No, but it might be interesting to discern currents and trends in how artists from different traditions approach moving images in general, and documentary material in particular. Some visual artists may even claim that they do not make documentaries per se, since they work within an art context.

The six films in this program all reflect contemporary life from a personal perspective. They create an ambiguity between the documentary and the fictional, while examining the limits of the documentary as a genre.

The program was curated by Anna-Karin Larsson and Anna Linder, producers at The Filmform Foundation, in collaboration with board members Magdalena Malm and Richard Julin.

Program: Guided Tour by Magdalena Dziurlikowska, Donna can’t speak in tongues by Carl Johan Erikson, Mother & Daughter by Evelina Gustavsson, Interview with Saskia Holmkvist by Saskia Holmqvist, 4play by Arijana Kajfes och Hotel Wenzel by Marit Lindberg. Total length 54 min
Date / time: 11 november kl. 21.30
Plats: Biografen Zita I Stockholm, Birger Jarlsgatan


Recent Swedish Film and Video Art
29 and 30 October at Uppsala Short Film Festival

Filmform News is a selection of the most recent works which have been accepted into Filmform’s archive for distribution in Sweden and abroad. We want to show, with this programme, how interesting Swedish video art is today and how women here, unlike in other areas, have a prominent position. The programme has undergone some minor changes since the screening at Cinemateket (The Cinematheque) the 6th of October.

Time: 29 October 7.30 pm, the 30 October 5 pm.
Location: Grand in Uppsala.

7 – 10 of April at the Art Fair, Älvjö
A Festival Pass is obligatory.


Filmform News New swedish film- and videoart
6 october 2005 at Cinemateket in Stockholm

Filmform News is a selection of works recently added to Filmform the Art Film and Video Archive which distributes films in Sweden and abroad. The programme is composed to show how interesting Swedish video art of today is, especially the strong position that women have in this area.

The first part of the programme gives proof that experimental film is anything but dead! Stefan Otto and Petra Lindholm are already established video artists, whose fantastic videos have reached far outside Swedens borders. Veteran BOELLAs (Boel Zetterman) Twin Performance and Sami Liselotte Wajstedts Koltloop take us away from the city and out into the wilderness.

The second part of the programme contains animations made with a wide variety of techniques. Here, Tilda Lovells dolls meet Gustav Sparrs computer pictures and J Tobias Andersons obsession with cinema classics. We enter a world of playfulness and absurd humour.

Filmform is the oldest organisation in Sweden for distribution and keeping of art film and video. The foundation Filmform was founded in 1950 (under a different name) in Stockholm and soon became a forum for well-known Swedish artists and authors, e g Öyvind Fahlström, Rut Hillarp, Pontus Hultén, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, PO Ultvedt, Hans Nordenström, Peter Weiss and others. The group’s main objective was to produce and screen experimental film. With the aid of these artists, art film made its definite breakthrough in Sweden. Filmform collaborates with organisations and individuals like museums, filmmakers, artists, art schools, galleries and festivals. At the Filmform website,, you can see what is happening and search for artists, filmmakers or titles in a distribution catalogue. Anna-Karin Larsson and Anna Linder work for Filmform, which is financed by Konstnärsnämnden.

Stefan Otto - Aerial
2004, 2:50 min, colour

Liselotte Wajstedt - Koltloop
2005, 3:18 min, colour
Music: Fe-mail

Petra Lindholm - No End
2005, 4:30 min, colour
Music: The Ark (Ola Salo and Lars Ljungberg)

BOELLA (Boel Zetterman) - Twin Performance
2005 , 1:30 min, colour

Christine Ödlund - Level
2004, 3:35 min, colour

Ellika Sjöstrand - Domestic
2005, 4:08 min, colour

J Tobias Anderson - Chase
2005, 2:24 min, colour

Gustav Sparr - Copy
2004 , 1:42 min, colour

Tilda Lovell - Vem är Gunnar? En könslig historia
2004, 5:20 min, colour

Gustav Sparr - Antenna
2004 , 0:46 min, colour

Katarina Löfström - Score_
2004, 4:30 min, colour, mute

Total length 40 min

Filmbutiken (30/9-6/10)
J Tobias Anderson’s video installation Al ladro! from 2005 (1:26, loop)
Shown everyday from friday 30th of September
until thursday 6th of October. Opening hours Filmbutiken thu/fri 10-21, sat 18-21
sun 18-19. mon 10-18, tue 10-21, wed 10-19.

Time: 6th of October 19.00.
Location: Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1
More information:
You can become a member and purchase tickets on location.
The screening is realized with support from Stockholms kulturförvaltning


21 April at Cinemateket (The Cinematheque), Stockholm

Filmform continues the collaboration with Cinemateket (The Cinematheque) in Stockholm. The 21st of April we show CAR RACE; a programme with film and video works made by Swedish and International artists. The Filmform programme consists of filmed performances where cars have a central role.

Film and video by: Nevin Aladag (TR/DK), Kenneth Anger (US), Yael Bartana (IL/NL), Gary Beydler (US), John Bock (DE), Jasper van den Brink (NL), Nina Katchadourian/Steven Matheson/Mark Tribe (US), Stefan Otto (SE), Pipilotti Rist (CH), Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS), Franck Scurti (FR), Malin Skjöld/Jenny Bergman (SE). Sound piece: Spirit of Ecstasy, Racing Car Opera by Åke Hodell (parts of this piece is played) Click here to download FILMPROGRAM (Word-document)

CAR RACE is curated by Richard Julin, Anna-Karin Larsson, Anna Linder, Magdalena Malm and Henrik Orrje.

Time: 21 April, 7 pm
Programme length ca 70 min
Location: Filmhuset, Borgvägen 5, Stockholm
(Membership of the Cinematheque is obligatory)
The screenings at Cinemateket (The Cinematheque) are realized with support from Stockholm’s Culture Administration.


7-10 april 2005 at Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö

Filmform proudly presents red-hot video works by video artists Cecilia Lundqvist, Christine Ödlund, Gustav Sparr and Miss Universum. The video works have nothing in common other than having recently been accepted into the archive for distribution, they are Filmform’s “latest news”. The programme can be seen as a sample of the wide range of expressions available in the Filmform collection.
The works are rentable (organizations only) at Filmform.

2004, 3:30 min, färg

46 sek 2004, färg
Scroll: Rock & Roll
38 sek 2004, färg
23 sek 2004, färg

2005, 11 min, färg

2003, 3 min, färg

Programme length: approx. 20 minutes
Opening hours: 7 – 10 of April
6 April, 6.30 pm – 10 pm opening (invitation necessary)
7 – 8 April, 11 am – 8 pm
9-10 April 11 am – 6 pm
Exhibition case: A08:11
Location: The Art Fair, commuter train to Älvsjö

24 February at Cinemateket, Stockholm

The honorary award is presented in connection to Filmform’s first screening at Cinemateket (The Cinematheque) in Stockholm the 24th of February 2005, 7 pm.
Since 1995, Filmform has presented an annual honorary award to video artists or filmmakers. The prize goes to a person who has distinguished him or herself in the domain of experimental film or video art. Cecilia Lundqvist receives Filmform’s honorary award (2004) because of the focused way she has developed her artistry. Cecilia started out with painting, but now works foremost with video and animation. She manages to treat difficult subjects, often from a personal, feminist perspective with a sharp sense of humour. Her artistic expression stretches from the play with simplified, raw lines, in Disco for instance from 1997, to the use of the animation media in a more sophisticated way, as in Emblem from 2001. Cecilia’s video works are shown frequently worldwide and has received recognition in the art and film world alike.

The films screened are:
Crime by Antonie Frank, Take Off by Gunvor Nelson, Coca Strip by Olle Hedman, Exit by Magnus Wallin, Head Lake Piss Down and Head Gallery Piss Up by Ann-Sofi Sidén, Until by Petra Lindholm, Nixon Visions by Kjartan Slettemark and Hans Esselius, C and Power Play by Cecilia Lundqvist. Total length: approx. 70 minutes. The programme content may be subject to change.

Time: 24 February
Programme length: approx. 70 minutes
Location: Filmhuset, Borgvägen 5, Stockholm
(Membership of Cinemateket is obligatory


CAR RACE - Filmform presents a program about cars and performance art
5 february 2005 at Pustervik, Göteborg Filmfestival

We sleep in them, we race with them, we lick them shiny clean. Cars express our identity and allow us to show off, to be greasy or classy according to taste. In garages all over the world, people are attending to their cars with tender love and care, treating them as extensions of their own bodies. Performance art is generally described as a meeting between the artist and his or her audience, with the body as the medium. These temporary meetings have often been preserved on film. But a filmed performance can also be staged specifically for the camera, the screening becoming the performance.

The Filmform program for the Gothenburg Film Festival consists of filmed performances where cars have a central role. Sit back and enjoy the ride – we'll be showing SUV's racing in sand dunes, a trailer rally, belly-dancing lowriders, a man cooing to his car, and much more.

Film and video by Nevin Aladag (TR/DK), Kenneth Anger (US), Yael Bartana (IL/NL), Gary Beydler (US), John Bock (DE), Jasper van den Brink (NL), Nina Katchadourian/Steven Matheson/Mark Tribe (US), Stefan Otto (SE), Pipilotti Rist (CH), Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS), Franck Scurti (FR), Malin Skjöld/Jenny Bergman (SE) and soundpiece by Åke Hodell.

CAR RACE is curated by Richard Julin, Anna-Karin Larsson, Anna Linder, Magdalena Malm och Henrik Orrje.
Thanks to all artists, Light Cone, Montevideo/Time Based Arts and Cinédoc-Paris Films Coop, Rist Sisters, Gallery Klosterfelde, Berlin & Anton Kern Gallery, New York.

Venue: Pustervik, Göteborg
Time: 5 februari, kl 20.00
Program length: 70 min
Programnr: 613