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26 – 29 September at Galleri Lars Bohman’s Project Room

Opening: 26 September 5 – 7 pm
A programme with current video art curated by Gunnel Pettersson, Filmform.
Angelägenheter (Concerns) mirror an interest for social, political and cultural patterns and events. Some intervene, other reflect from a distance. Documentary and staged scenes intermingle. Some of the works have the ambition to reach beyond image and representation and in different ways intervene in the social reality. It is journalism, for the untrained eye. Contemporary video art shapes matters in ways which might be considered strange, or not possible to classify as art, film or documentary. These boundaries have always been interesting to cross, maybe more so in a media society.

Opening hours: 26 – 29 September, Friday 12 – 5 pm, Saturday/Sunday 12 – 4 pm
Address: Galleri Lars Bohman Project Room


6 hours of video art and experimental film from Thailand, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.
19 – 20 September at Filmform and Art Platform

Thursday the 19th of September at 7 pm opening speech and presentation by curator Gridthiya Jaeb Gaweewong. The screening consists of sections from the programme Digital Orgy, screened at Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 2001.
Opening hours: Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September, 4 – 10 pm.

Address: Svarvargatan 2, Underground station: Fridhemsplan, Stockholm.

Gridthiya Jeab Gaweewong has a “Curator in Residence Scholarship” at IASPIS during September. She has been a curator at Chiangmai University Art Museum since 2002 and is runs Project 304 and Bang, a magazine about contemporary art and culture. She works as a freelance writer and guest teacher at Chulalongkorn University, School of Fine Arts in Bangkok.

"The show attempts to search for the contemporary Asian identity, through the link between the past to present and the observation of everyday life in today´s culture" - (Gridthiya Jeab Gaweewong)

A collaboration between Project 304, Filmform and Art.Platform


RIGHT ABOUT NOW - Young Nordic Video Art
13 June – 31 July, Magasin 3 Project Djurgårdsbrunn, Stockholm

Filmform presents a Nordic video programme, commissioned by Moderna Museet in connection to the exhibition Beyond Paradise. Right About Now has previously been screened in Bangkok, Thailand 16 – 29 March, in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia in April and will be screened in China during the Spring 2003.

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Opening hours: Daily at 8 pm – 2 am
Address: Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 68, Stockholm


8 June – 13 August, Vita kuben (The White Cube) in Umeå

Filmform is invited by Guds Söner (Sons of God) to Vita kuben (The White Cube) at Norrland’s Opera in Umeå during the summer. Vita kuben is the abode for video, art music, performances etc. It is a solitary body in the Opera building, which at times becomes an integral part of the general activity and then, again, becomes self-sufficient..

Gunilla Klingberg, Spar Loop 3’ 2000
Marit Lindberg, Mikaela’s Voice 9’ 1997
Felix Gmelin, The Five Most Ugly, 1’ 30’’ 1999
Cecilia Lundqvist, C 2’37’’ 2000
Anita Malmqvist, Super Natural 7’ 2000
Annika Eriksson, Anagram 6’ 2001
J Tobias Andersson, My Name is Grant 1’ 52’’ 1999
Johanna Billing, Project for a Revolution 3’11’’ 2000
Per Teljer, Vigiliante 6’45’’ 1998/99
Måns Wrange, The Average Citizen 13’ 2001
Annika Ström, Ten New Love Songs 22’ 1999

Curator: Gunnel Pettersson
Programme text: Gunnel Pettersson.

The development of video art in Sweden did not get moving until the early 90’s, despite Sweden’s prominent history within documentary and experimental film making with artists such as Viking Eggeling, Peter Weiss etc. The interest in experimental film ceased in the 80’s, but began to flourish in the early 90’s alongside the evolvement of video art. Video art created its own territory and showed some difficulties in learning from other areas. The audience was an art audience, and with their lack of experience of the medium they viewed video art with references to television and film rather than other visual art.

The development of video art as an artistic medium has been intense. Over the past few years the medium has been technically simplified; it has become more accessible and computers and editing equipment are now taken for granted on Art Schools across the country. The initial borders between fields have now vanished, and now there is a strong interest from both film and video practicians to learn from each other.

Snowflakes show an interest for social collaborations across borders. Artists move like ambassadors in completely different global networks than politicians and businessmen for instance, and they open other doors. There is a connection between the metaphorical possibilities in ordinary objects and events, social patterns and codes. The video works are exclusively produced by visual artists using the video media solely or as part of their artistry. The programme has also been screened at Bangkok International Film Festival in December 2001.

The programme has been produced by Filmform in collaboration with Shukit Panmongkol.

Read more at You will find Vita Kuben (The White Cube) under Programme.


coming! in Tokyo
10 th May in Tokyo

Seminar on video art and architecture/moving images in public space
Focussing on the situation in both Sweden and Japan concerning the status of moving images and architecture / public space. Digital technic and architectural ideas are developing rapidly. In dayly life we spend hours among influential moving pictures and their messages. What are our visions for future public spaces?

Programme: Opening by Ewa Kumlien
Presentation: Helena Byström and Åsa Lipka Falck
Kentaro Ichihara, art critic
Kei Kamakanda, curator
Emiko Kato, kulturskribent, curator
Shingo Suzuki and Masasto Nakamura, artists
Helena Mattson, art critic, architect
Lars O Eriksson, art critic
Roger Connah, writer, guest professor at University of Texas
Ana L Valdés, writer and journalist
Venue: The lecture hall at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Address: Swedish Embassy, 1-10-3-404 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106 00 32
Phone: +81-3-5562 002


10-13 th May in Tokyo

Gunilla Klingberg / Peter Geschwind - New Delhi, 4'30'' 2001
Johanna Billing - Where she is at, 7'30'' 2001
raketa - Flickering, 1' 2001
Lisa Strömbeck - Imagine This, 5'4'' 1998
Lisa Wilhemson - Circle, 6, 2001
Lotta Döbling - Fragile Romp, 6'36'' 2001
Jesper Nordahl - Schorched Dust, 7'36 1998
Dorinel Marc - Bunny Girl, 1, 1997
Love Nordberg - Right Here Right Now, 3'30'' 1999
Maria Friberg - Blown Out, 2' 1999
Mårten Nilsson - USA, 1'30'' 2001


11 th May in Tokyo

Time: 2 - 5 pm
Venue: Deluxe Architect Office. Phone: +81-3-3505 5330


Filmforms Film Club, Zita, Fokets bio and invites you to the première of

Friday 3 – 23 May at Zita in Stockholm

SPIN by Göran Olsson
879 by J Tobias Anderson
DA CAPO AL FINE by Frida Eriksson & Kalle Sandell

Programme length: 35 min.
Friday 3 May 6.30 pm at Zita, Birger Jarlsgatan 37 in Stockholm. We welcome you to meet the filmmakers and have a glass of wine in the foyer from 6 pm. After the screening we sell inexpensive beer at Babs kök & bar (restaurant). RSVP at phone no 08-23 20 20 2 May the latest. Screened in Zita’s series “Kort & gratis” every day at 6.30, until the 23 May. Screened day and night at the same time period.
For more information:


Wednesday 13 March at Filmhuset

Premiere for Filmform’s Film Club with the programme Snowflakes, previously screened at Bangkok Experimental Film Festival and at Gothenburg Film Festival.

Time: 6 pm
Location: Cinema Mauritz and Restaurant Englunds
DJ Lill Gibson plays music inspired by Dolly Parton, funk and electronic disco,
in the bar!

Arena simultaneously presents this spring’s first Film Bar and a new season with film bars, seminars on film music, The Dream Factory – a weekend of inspiration for young film makers. Read more about this spring’s programme on The Swedish Film Institute’s website:


1 February 2002 at Gothenburg Film Festival

Curator: Gunnel Pettersson
Film Programme:
Gunilla Klingberg, Spar Loop 3’ 2000
Marit Lindberg, Mikaela’s Voice 9’ 1997
Felix Gmelin, The five most ugly faces in the National Gallery
1’ 30’’ 1999
Cecilia Lundqvist, C 2’37’’ 2000
Anita Malmqvist, Super Natural 6’ 2000
Annika Eriksson, Anagram 6’ 2001
J Tobias Andersson, My Name is Grant 1’ 52’’ 1999
Johanna Billing, Project for a Revolution 3’11’’ 2000
Per Teljer, Vigiliante 6’45’’ 1998/99
Måns Wrange, The Average Citizen 13’ 2001
Annika Ström, Ten New Love Songs 22’ 1999