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“Anemic Cinema” at Liljewalchs, Stockholm
19 November 2001 Liljewalchs

Henrik Orrje talked about Marcel Duchamp and showed the film “Anemic Cinema” at Liljewalchs seminar on Duchamp the 19th of November 2001.

Other participants in the seminar were Catti Brandelius, “Miss Universum” – artist, Charlotte Brydler – art critic, Iris Müller Westermann – curator Moderna Museet.

Seminar moderator: Niclas Östlind.
The seminar was part of a conversation series Curious at..


SEMINAR - on distribution of media art
October 26 and 27th 2001 in Norway

Filmform participated in a seminar organised by - Media Art Distribution & Exchange in Norway, which is a project organisation established by interested experts and artists to work towards solutions for distribution of media art, both nationally and internationally.


NORDIC SEMINAR - on experimental film and video
January 26th 2001 at IASPIS

In today's commercial climate, experimental film and video art are virtually invisible. With this in mind, Filmform is arranging a Nordic seminar for film and video distributors.

The seminar took place on January 26th, and was open to the public. After the seminar a selection of works from the participating institutions' archives was shown.
The following Nordic institutions participated in the seminar: Ateljér Nord, Kunstnerernes Hus (Norway), AV.Ark, Nifka, Kiasma, Danish Film and Videoworkshop/Danish Film Institute, Museet for Samtidskunst, Nikolai Kirke (Denmark), White Mountain, Living Art Museum (Iceland) and IASPIS, Moderna Museet (Sweden).

The nordic seminar is made possible with support by:
Nordisk Kulturfond (The Nordic Cultural Fund).


EVERYTHING MATTERS - A public space video event
January 24th-28th 2001

During the Nordic Seminar a public area happening/installation by five artists was open for public viewing at following places:

Claesson Koivisto Rune Arkitektkontor, S:t Paulsgatan 25
Anna Byvald

Jonas Bohlin Arkitektkontor, Södermalmstorg 4
Helena Byström/Åsa Lipka Falck

Waynes Coffeshop, Götgatan 31
Dorinel Marc

Konst-ig, Konstbokhandel, Kulturhuset Sergels Torg
Staffan Redin

Arranged by Filmform in co-operation with Stockholms Kansli with special thanks to RAKETA.


HARDCORE vs SOFTCORE - Provocative film and video art
February 3rd 2001

Filmform presented an evening of subversive film and video works at the Gothenburg Film Festival. The showing was followed by a panel discussion.
Place Atalante, Gothenburg

Time 13.30-16.30 (films), 16.45-17.45 (public discussion)
While the concept of provocation has become something of a cliché, today´s artists are using more subtle ways of challenging society´s values and standards. For this evening, Filmform put together a programme of historically interesting films and videos which question and problemize the notion of provocative film making.

Kjartan Slettemark: Högpartiet (1970)
Kenneth Anger: Fireworks (1947)
Charles Atlas: Son of Sam and Delilah (1991)
Jean Gênet: Un Chant d'Amour (1950)
Gordon Matta-Clark: Clockshower (1973)
Takashi Ito: Spacy (1981)
Martha Rosler: Losing - A Conversation with the Parents (1977)

Presented by Filmform.
Panel discussion arranged by Paletten magazine.