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62. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2016

Filmform presents the programme Filmform News with a selection of new works in distribution.

Sunday 8th May 2016 10:30 PM at Cinema Sunset, Lichtburg Filmpalastnewwindow Oberhausen



General Rehearsal for Suicide
Åke Karlung
3 min, 1964, 16mm to DCP, sound, colour

The film was an attack on the advancing pop culture and the art establishment. A musician cuts his leg with a saw at a happening at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and is likened to a victim of the contemporary art world. This film has been digitally restored by the Swedish Film Institute.

Last Days of Leningrad
Maria Zennström
28 min, 2016, 35mm to DCP, sound, colour, Russian and Swedish with English subtitles

A film about the poor intelligentsia, shot in a cramped flat in a city that was called Leningrad in 1989. Today, the people and the city where the film was shot no longer exist. The film becomes a time capsule.

We the Others
Maja Borg
8 min, 2014, super 8 to DCP, sound, colour, English

We the Others is a short cinematic poem about the value of physical diversity. From ancient philosophy to modern projections of a high tech future, there seems to be a question that we need to debate over and over: what is human value?

Reading Glass
Malin Pettersson Öberg
15 min, 2015, DCP, sound, colour, Swedish with English subtitles

In a time of disappearing industries and a society in transformation, Reading Glass reflects on the significance of glass for Swedish culture and modern society, through one slow and sideway camera movement in Scandinavia’s largest art glass collection.

Happy Days
Daniel Westlund
3 min, 2015, DCP, sound, colour

Auditorial chairs come to life in an orderly manner, in chaos and in a sleepy, vegetative slumber. The chairs appear to move on their own will and with different personalities. Sometimes they act as victims of circumstances, in free fall and as if thrown.

M-E: A Video Selfie
Emie // Eva-Marie Elg
14 min, 2015, DCP, sound, colour, English and Swedish with English Subtitles

The artist turns the camera on herself in a quest to explore historically feminine traditions from a film historic and psychological perspective. How will professional strangers such as psychics, psychologists and a dream interpreter define her?

Total duration 71 min


More information at www.kurzfilmtage.denewwindow. The programme is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

(Copyright: Åke Karlung, Maria Zennström, Maja Borg, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Daniel Westlund, Emie // Eva-maria Elg)

Gunvor Nelson-retrospective at Cinemateque in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö

Filmform presents a retrospective of Gunvor Nelson's films in the Cinematheque series "Vad som helst - till synes…". Filmmaker and artist Gunvor Nelson's film repertoire is extensive. The six programs in Stockholm and five in Malmö and Gothenburg show films from 1966 to 2006. The first program runs at the Cinematheque in Stockholm (Filmhuset) February 17, March 1 in Malmö (Spegeln) and 20 March in Gothenburg (Capitol). For other dates and program texts, see below.

Come in time for each screening, buy ticket (70 SEK) or purchase online (only screenings in Stockholm). Membership is not required.
Age restriction 15 years.


Program: Cinemateket Stockholm (Filmhuset)

More at Cinematekets hemsida

17 February kl 18.00 Program: Begynnelse, kropp och surrealism
SCHMEERGUNTZ 1966, 16mm, 15'00*
FOG PUMAS 1967, 16mm, 25'00*
TAKE OFF 1972, 16mm, 10'00
MOONS POOL 1973, 16mm, 15'00
(*in collaboration with Dorothy Wiley)

25 February kl 18.00 Program: Muir Beach
KIRSA NICHOLINA 1969, 16mm, 16'00
(*in collaboration with Dorothy Wiley)

27 February kl 18.30 Program: Den familjära sfären
MY NAME IS OONA 1969, 16mm, 10'00
RED SHIFT 1984, 16mm, 50'00
TIME BEING 1991, 16mm, 6'00

1 March kl 18.00 Program: Återvändandarens blick
FRAME LINE 1983, 16mm, 22'00
FIELD STUDY #2 1988, 16mm, 8'00
LIGHT YEARS 1987, 16mm, 28'00
NATURAL FEATURES 1990, 16mm, 28'00

15 March kl 18.00 Program: Stadens flöde
KRISTINA'S HARBOR REVISITED 1993/2010, 16mm överförd till HD, 38'00
OLD DIGS 1993, 16mm, 20'00

23 March kl 20:15 Program: Skuggor och växtlighet
TREE-LINE 1998, digital fil, 8'00
SNOWDRIFT (Snowstorm) 2001, färg, digital fil, 9'00
TRACE ELEMENTS 2003, digital fil, 10'00
TRUE TO LIFE 2006, digital fil, 38'00

Program: Cinemateket Malmö (Spegeln)

More at Cinematekets hemsida

1 March kl 19.00 Program: Begynnelse, kropp och surrealism
12 March kl 14.00 Program: Den familjära sfären
22 March kl 19.00 Program: Återvändandarens blick
2 April kl 14.00 Program: Stadens flöde
12 April kl 19.00 Program: Skuggor och växtlighet

Program: Cinemateket Göteborg (Capitol)

More at Cinematekets hemsida

20 March kl 14.00 Program: Begynnelse, kropp och surrealism
3 April kl 14.00 Program: Den familjära sfären
17 April kl 14.00 Program: Återvändandarens blick
1 May kl 14.00 Program: Stadens flöde
15 May kl 14.00 Program: Skuggor och växtlighet

(Imgae Copyright: Gunvor Nelson)