Filmform is a foundation dedicated to the promotion, distribution and preservation of Swedish art film and experimental video

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The Filmform Archive
Filmform preserves and distributes experimental film, video art and other art of moving images. The films and video works are organized in a reference archive, and many of the titles are also in distribution.

The Reference Archive is used for research and preparatory work for exhibitions as well as screenings for students, art distributors etc. Today the Reference Archive contains more than 2000 titles.

Titles in the Distribution Archive are distributed by Filmform, nationally and internationally. They are rented to museums, art galleries, film festivals, curators, universities and other institutions. Today there are around 590 titles, from 1924 to the current date, which are available for distribution. Filmform distributes film and video works by both artists and filmmakers. Information about films and video works which have been accepted into the archive is published on the website, and is thus accessible both within Sweden and internationally. Click the link Catalogue to find the titles available.

In order to secure the material for future research we collaborate with The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images, where the transfer is made to more secure storage media and the material is stored in an archive environment.
Principles of selection for the Reference Archive and for distribution
The submitted material needs to uphold high artistic quality, be relevant for its time, and be realized in a consistent way, to be accepted into the archive. This applies especially to titles which are accepted for distribution. We give priority to films and videos which have been screened publicly. Submitted films and video works should have been produced in Sweden, or by Swedes living abroad, or should be associated with the Swedish art or film scene.

The artist/film maker should be working professionally or have documented experience. If you apply to be accepted for distribution or into the Reference Archive, please send us a synopsis/brief description and a CV and fill in the form “Application for distribution”. Filmform does not return submitted material.

The Assessment Group
The Assessment Group consists of members of the board and staff. Its constitution represents a broad competence, with specialist knowledge of the field of experimental film and video art. The board and staff are all professionally active and leading practicians in their field. Within the group there is a vast network to consult, and knowledge about the international context, which lends perspective to Swedish developments.